BY Morais Leitão


Can the IBA Guidelines be used to flesh out the arbitrator’s duty of disclosure? A brief comment on the Ruling of the Lisbon Court of Appeal dated 11/02/2020

25 June 2021 - by Ricardo Neto Galvão

Practical consequences post-Achmea: times change, wills change…

07 August 2020 - by Joana Galvão Teles

The impact of the novel coronavirus in arbitration: barrier or opportunity?

07 May 2020 - by Isabel Rebello de Andrade

Macau’s new arbitration law – a new chapter for arbitration in Macau?

15 November 2019 -

Hide and seek: when the failure to produce documents results in adverse inferences

10 September 2019 - by Maria Almeida e Silva

The so-called prohibition set on courts from examining the merits of the arbitral award: myth or reality?

18 July 2019 - by António Sampaio Caramelo

Traditional Practitioners and the Last Crusade (or the impacts of Artificial Intelligence in International Arbitration)

23 April 2019 -

Electronic exchange of submissions and exhibits in arbitration: better be safe than sorry!

01 February 2019 - by Rita Nunes dos Santos

Entry into force of updated version of the Note to Parties and Arbitral Tribunals on the Conduct of Arbitration pursuant to the ICC Rules of Arbitration

16 January 2019 -

The Fifth Arbitrator? The Role of Artificial Intelligence to Tribunals in International Arbitration

18 December 2018 -

How to conduct the arbitral proceedings: Stop, look, listen… and go!

29 November 2018 - by Joana Galvão Teles

UNCITRAL clearly invests in International Mediation

27 September 2018 - by Mariana Soares David

Seraing Case: Sports Arbitration at Risk or a storm in a teacup? (1)

18 September 2018 - by João Lima Cluny

The Achmea ruling: remaining doubts

04 September 2018 -

Interim measures in support of recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in Portugal

08 August 2018 - by Diogo Pinto

Lisbon qualified as a safe seat of arbitration in the Guide to Arbitration Places by Delos Dispute Resolution

02 August 2018 - by Joana Granadeiro

Lisbon capital of international arbitration

28 June 2018 - by António Pinto Leite

Arbitration and Oil & Gas investments in Mozambique

28 June 2018 - by Filipe Vaz Pinto

World Cup Final, 90th minute, a penalty kick against international arbitration…

28 June 2018 - by Francisco Cortez

Cumulating the appeal against an arbitral award with the request for its annulment

28 June 2018 - by António Sampaio Caramelo
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